Cow Through for Cattle

Jan 10th

Cow trough is one part of the enclosure that also must be considered is where food and drinking water. Cow trough can be made with a length of 60 cm, width 50 cm and depth of 30 cm for each head of an adult, the feed necessary for the efficiency and effectiveness of the feed given. The cost of feed would be swelling if the feed is not eaten cattle but only scattered inside and outside the cage.


Cow trough is required to meet the needs of livestock drinking water and avoid spilling water into the cage. Terms of the feed and drinking water are: Easy to reach the mouth of livestock but cannot be trampled. Able to accommodate the amount of feed or water needed to livestock feeding / water next. Not easily moved about the cattle that feed / drinking water there is no spill. Special drinking water should not be leaked to irrigate the cage.

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One of the benefits cow trough is to avoid fighting each other because the cage was given bulkhead and cows tied up and cannot move freely. While on the type of group or colony cages advantages is that cows can more freely move. That’s important for us to keep a closer Cow trough.

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