Distinctive Farmhouse Kitchen Island Decor

Jan 27th

Farmhouse kitchen island – Decorate your kitchen island in a way that complements décor of your kitchen yet stands out on its own. Your island is likely to be use frequently. As most islands occupy center of kitchen and provide an eating area, food preparation or serving space. Determine function of your island before decoration, so decoration does not stand in way of its function.

Make your farmhouse kitchen island stand out by painting in a bold color that pops up against rest of kitchen, or in a neutral color if rest of your kitchen is high. For example, paint island red, yellow or blue in a kitchen mostly white. Base, cabinets and drawers can be painted or stained in a color that will not be used elsewhere in kitchen. Color should complement rest of kitchen decor. Another alternative is to use a different material at base of island, such as stainless steel.

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Farmhouse kitchen island countertop does not have to match rest of counters in kitchen. For example, cover island with a block of wood that can actually be use as a cutting board to contrast with granite counters throughout kitchen. On other hand, create a mosaic pattern or with take-off and stick tiles. Cover island in any color or material that would be useful and complement your decor.