Favorite Ideas Headboard Mirror

Nov 13th

Headboard Mirror – It may be another, but usually the head of the bed in a bedroom is the decorative element that defines and determines the style of the room. I think that’s reason enough to take a little time to assess what we put on the headboard of the bed. And that is enough reason and excuse to gather some ideas headboard mirror to inspire us to choose which we like, which suits us or that best matches the decorative style you want to use in our bedroom.


This is my favorite idea of ​​ideas for headboards that I show here. Is the idea of ​​creating a headboard with small mirrors. But my intention is to inspire you to create or assemble your own particular headboard, I suggest that if you like the idea of ​​mirrors, the intents with mirrors of different sizes or shapes, with mirrors without frames or mirrors that you have at hand. When we decorate this room, we discovered a resting on the ground that all he did was cluttering mirror. We came lay it down as a headboard mirror and so we managed to give greater depth to the room. In addition to very decorative, it is an excellent resource to expand the space.

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Mirror In The Bedroom Tips – From Feng Shui

In this new article, I have prepared some tips to consider this technique ancestral decor. Feng shui tips to know how to place mirrors in the bedroom and when these objects involved in your emotional stability.

The mirrors for feng shui can be very good or very bad objects depending on where they are given, as they may reduce personal energy while you sleep if you are directly in front of the bed. And also, a mirror can be placed in different places, but in feng shui should also avoid reflecting doors. That is, not place it in front of the front door because it diverts the positive energy and not allow the space is filled with harmony and naturalness.

Tips for decorating with mirror in the bedroom: It is recommended that the mirrors are hung at head height to meet the technique of feng shui. Do not use too large mirrors; it is more advisable to be small and discreet. That the use of these elements is not excessive; It is better to have the necessary amount of mirrors to decorate with feng shui room . Among other  tips for home feng shui also it suggests using mirrors outdoor trigramas the house, as they are essential to avert the negative (or Sha Chi) energy. Feng shui works best when we use creativity, then we decorate the mirrors with some fixtures or accessories.

What we must avoid? Do not clean the mirrors. Because the bad energies accumulate. Keep these clean and shiny accessories while you have placed in appropriate spaces. Cracked or broken mirrors store is very bad for the decoration feng shui. Better get rid of them just deteriorate. Placing large mirrors reduces the impact of positive energy. If for various reasons you can not move a badly placed mirror, looking for ways to cover it at night, because during the day can improve the natural lighting of the house .