How to Make a Cane Headboard for a Bed

Oct 29th

Cane headboard – Cane is not only an attractive wood, but is also considered a renewable resource because of its rapid growth. There are a variety of ways to use cane for a header with two options including a design hanging on cane poles that are strung together and hung over the bed, or floor version, in which the largest bamboo canes are placed upright at the head of the pearl, like a fence. Both types can be done at home, and give an oriental or tropical touch to any bedroom. Measure the width of the bed to determine how comprehensive will be your head. In general, the same width, or a couple of centimeters more on each side as his bed, is ideal. Cut bamboo cane to this length, using all that will make the desired height of your head.

White cane headboard
White cane headboard

Cut two pieces of string, about 3 feet long. Fold the wire in half around a piece of bamboo cane, about 5 inches in from either end. Pull the thread tight around the bamboo and a knot. You must have a single piece of bamboo with a loop of thread and knot near either end. Place a second piece of bamboo next to the first. Wrap the thread around it, pull it tight and tie a knot. Repeat with remaining bamboo, twine tying new as necessary until you have a like bamboo mat large structure.

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Measuring where you want the cane headboard to go head on the wall. Drill two screws to hang the headboard, another inch lower than where you want the top of the head of the bed to sit. Hang the cane headboard these screws engaging the rope at the back on the screws. Drill two screws into the wall at the base, one inch lower than the head sits. Attach two short pieces of yarn to the bottom of the head and stretch them to the screws, so that the head is tense and sits flat against the wall. Push the bed to sit under the header.