How to Make Guitar Storage Cabinet

Jul 20th

Guitar storage cabinet – Do you have any guitar and you would like for them to build a small storage closet? This article will walk you through step by step instructions on how to build as high as 4 feet with five different Guitar Cabinet space. All what is necessary to achieve this task are a few basic carpentry tools, hardware and wood. Start measuring and drawing all the pieces for your Cabinet to the plywood to ensure minimum waste. Both sides of the cabinet, and four are inside the space divider.

Traditional Guitar Storage Cabinet
Traditional Guitar Storage Cabinet

Collect the top, bottom and two sides. Standing square top and bottom pieces on the edge parallel to 4 feet apart. Equally space the four screws after each end up and down and push through the two pieces to the side. Lost a screw every 6 inches through it all the way around the edges of the frame. Stand part of the finished guitar storage cabinet to install four partitions. Standing on the edge of the separator for 2 1/2-foot space between the sides of the Cabinet as well, so you have five departments.

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Drive four screws through the top and through the back of the closet in each divider six. Connect the door in the front guitar storage cabinet unit with hinges, if one. The report, which is also at the top of the Cabinet, so it is 1/2 inch of space at the bottom of the door. Space allows the door to Swing freely if the Cabinet is placed on the carpet.

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