IKEA Mirror Headboard to Expand Space

Dec 8th

IKEA Mirror Headboard – The headboard is a key element in the bedroom. We do not talk exclusively to decorative level, but we found that is terribly influential, but in terms of comfort and hygiene: it is the barrier between your head and back and the wall. Without a headboard wall dirty remain within weeks. A comfortable headboard will delight the “lions” and avoid staying out of bed until late not be a comfortable place for these holy minutes before bedtime.


With this IKEA mirror headboard, you can create an easy and cheap way is the one starring a mirror. This type of headboards can be great for small rooms, as it increases the feeling of spaciousness and reflects light, making the room appear larger than it actually is. There are never enough mirrors in a small space. You have to use this headboard with mirror that visually expand the space. Use a big one on a piece of your headboard.

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In this way, you will create a pleasant atmosphere to get your headboard reflects sunlight by day and a quiet night image. It is also a perfect choice for those looking for original decorative possibilities. But they are not too far from the more traditional ideas with the IKEA mirror headboard. Since virtually no one has a mirror as a headboard of his bed.

Mirror head is a brilliant idea. It is simple to implement and each bedroom makeover in an effort to add a touch of brilliance. Typically, head of bed and a room divider in a height is perfect for use. All you need to do is fold it flat out walls and wedges it between beds. And that’s it! Now you have a charming and unique headboard instantly. Room dividers come in a variety of endless pattern design can fit any decorating style with headrest of endless choices.

Mirror headboard is differently and to visualize it on wall behind your bed. That’s right? Mirror headboard and wrought iron gate full of romance and mystery in ancient times can turn your bedroom into a castle. Show-get a custom made initial you-for sure-never-see-this is a go will be incorporated into design for any kind. Wrought-iron gates well, Mexico, Italy, or Gothic-style bedrooms. Head of bed is a country-style bedrooms are perfect for a white picket fence. All you need to do is Mount fence it is required and have fun in bedroom of country further. I’ve never heard of a wooden fence in House? You are now, and it looks sensational.

Fireplace mantle of warmth and comfort these headboards instant or real fire without your bedroom. Slightly wider than width of bed, fireplace mantle and fit Snug as a bug, we recommend that you sleep in that direction. Fireplace mantle bed Shabby Chic and cottage bedroom goes good. Head of bed with a huge mirror might be a nice. Small sized rectangular mirror with beveled edges and interesting button or other goods and placed in each corner from a meeting place in a round box and can be set on wall together. Head of bed can dramatically open mirror room largely to make a small bedroom is a great and easy way. Unique, head of bed for your friend and you swipe your bedroom was flowing to people.