Improveyour Garden with Trough Drain

Apr 14th

Trough drain – Some gardens have problems when rain makes an appearance, and may need to improve drainage in garden, to avoid excessive ponding up our best plants, or worse, affecting our home.  climate change we are witnessing, with warmer winters or excessive rains which were previously not as usual, we have to make us rethink some improvements in those gardens that are not prepared to face extreme situations.


A garden or patio, fully tiled may be a potential risk for water it overflows and falls within housing.  This situation is easy to solve by simply adding trough drain areas with pebbles, which allow water runs seeping into lower layers of ground. In some gardens this solution is not effective. In those where problem is not that they are completely covered, but ground does not filter for “other reasons”.

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In many new buildings, trough drain tubes are placed around homes, especially if they have basements. idea is to prevent rainwater from seeping inside, with same idea systems are built to filter water garden.  To improve drainage garden, go making trenches, where appropriate tubes were installed to this situation, as they are drilled to collect excess water.  In trenches, fund will consist of gravel that will hold tubes with proper slope, and then above them a mixture of substrate and very porous sand is placed, for that water runs in tubes.  Usually these drains are shaped herringbone, intended to capture maximum amount of water.