Keep White Kitchen Storage Cabinet Clean

Jan 10th

White kitchen storage cabinet clean – First off, you will get spray bottle and fill about half tablespoon into the bottle, and depending on the bottle size fill it up about 2/3 with fresh, cold water. Once that is done shaking the water as soup and water can be mixed together.


The second, soap and water mix works well on almost any surface, but just to be on the safe side test on a small area of the cabinet. In my case I have white kitchen storage cabinet clean that I compare with plastic and mix works great on my. Third, now spray your mix on cabinets, depending on how much you want to get clean. If you are spot cleaning then of course only a tiny spray and you’re done.

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If you have stuck on food or stains give it a rub with a sponge, if sponge has the rough surface gives it a nice rub with it since then wipe off with wet cloth. Then give it another spray over and wipe with a damp cloth and then wipe with dry cloth. And to give white kitchen storage cabinet clean, a good smell take pine sol or other scented disinfectant and add some to wet cloth then give it a wipe with a damp cloth and then give it a wipe with dry cloth.

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