Kinds of Picture Rail Hangers Model

Aug 25th

Picture Rail Hangers – Mechanical fasteners, when properly used as recommended from the manufacturer, almost always assure safe and secure attachment of the fastened product. In commercial and residential applications, injuries resulting from mechanical attachment failures have often been attributed to inappropriate usage of products, improper installation procedures, as well as failure of the poorly manufactured fastening product. Each time a product becomes disconnected from its point of attachment, serious personal injury can result.

Picture Rail Hangers Iron

Like the retained construction expert witness participating in numerous personal injury claims resulting from loose or falling components in commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, and housing projects, We have been associated with assessing, analyzing, and determining the reasons to the attachment failures of many kinds of products.

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I‘ve observed, during onsite inspections and investigations, a number of reasons why products become disconnected from their intended location. Reasons why products become detached and dangerous leading to severe personal injuries include but they are not limited to :

· Missing fasteners

· Missing fastener parts

· Inappropriate fasteners to the particular product being attached

· Missed connections from the fastening hardware (failure from the fastener to anchor into backing or wall studs )

· Poorly designed systems which have failed because of insufficient structural integrity

· Over tightened, stripped and abused fasteners

· Damaged and fatigued hardware

· Destroyed fasteners or substrate from repeated attempts to secure the fastener

· Poorly manufactured component parts from the fastener

· Substituted import fasteners in spot where specified domestic products

The attachment failures that I‘ve observed are often the results of a number of recurring problems :

In commercial applications for example inside a hotel environment, it isn‘t uncommon to possess multiple locations using identical products and fastening systems for example in guest rooms or common area hallways. One example of the multiple location installed product will be a guest room headboard. The headboards are often linked with the headwall having a cleated system. This cleat product is often found loose or detached because of improper anchoring of the initial installation hardware. Ornamental art pieces or wall sconces installed along a common corridor become dislodged because of abuse by patrons as well as attachment failures occur because of improper usage of wall anchoring hardware. Another example is usually seen in hastily or improperly installed door closer hardware. Serious personal injury claims can result from improper preparation from the receptor areas (point of attachment ) where stripped, over torqued, or sheared screws ultimately result in poor or inadequate attachment from the applied hardware products.