Stone Garden Troughs Planter Ideas

Jul 29th

Stone garden troughs are one of the latest innovations in home business or money making program. On the surface it is no larger than 12 by 8 inches, you can make use of the natural wonders of miniature plants, shrubs and flowers and moss green represents the grass.


Stone garden troughs itself can be improved by using the model of the landscape such as bridges, rivers and the occasional figure in the park itself. Dwarf plants, after planting, should live together without growing much larger. The park also could have inset model home course. Mini cactus garden is also a viable option as well. The second form of miniature gardens can be sold through garden centers, car boots and craft market as well as markets and shops.

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Stone garden troughs built in the trough or hand hewn stone slabs were first developed more than 1,000 years ago in Asia, especially in China and Japan and then brought to Britain in the 1820s and 1830s. They are also known as garden sunk in the UK. In China, the art of creating a miniature landscape in a container called Penjing. Try setting your miniature garden in a pottery bowl, plate or tray. You can also use the stone trough, or even a glass bottle to grow your garden.