Tips Select Galvanized Steel Trough

Jul 24th

Galvanized steel trough – When choosing a tank of water to keep your horse watered, you have two basic choices, good old standby that is Galvanized steel trough and the more recent addition to the stock market poly plastic stock tank. Both plastic and steel water tanks come in all sizes from 25-gallon all the way up to 800 gallons of capacity. They all come with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty against defects regardless of the manufacturer.


The most equestrians question to ask is better and which will endure? I have owned both style stock tanks, and they both have benefits and disadvantages. Really, it all comes down to a matter of personal preference when making this decision. Galvanized steel trough typically offer a removable drain plug at the bottom of the tank; This enables the use of drain plug stock tank heaters in the winter, which may be one of the biggest benefits for plastic poly tank.

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Drain plug deicers screws into the drain plug at the bottom Galvanized steel trough, which inhibits horses attract curious and bad of your stock tank heater out of the tank and play with it! Another great benefit to plug deicer channel in the winter is that they are cheaper than other traditional water heater tanks.