Tips to Make Feed Trough

Jun 25th

To build your own 36 feed trough, you in Hurley-Byrd mode you must first gather some materials. You will need a timber of course and all the Hurley-Byrd Deer Feeders made of western red cedar. You are welcome to use pine but only hope to survive several years.


Purchase a piece of 1×8 wood eight feet long and 2×4 with a minimum length of three feet. Keep in mind each piece of wood needs to be ripped to a narrow width. Some timber yard will be happy to help if you do not have a tool that is able to perform this task. Also buy four ¼ “x 20 x 3” carriage bolts, fit the wing nut and washer. This is used to attach the legs to the Feed trough.

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To adjust the feeder outside, you will need to attach the legs to the Feed trough using carriage bolts, washers and wing nuts. Once assembled, it is time to organize it. Find the location you want to feeder. A Guide to Safe and Fun Home & Hobby” to set the feeder in a location that is safe and appropriate. For this type of feeder, you will need to dig two holes 12 “deep and 36” apart.